Lizzy House Natural History Dinosaur Skirt Without Pattern

Besides just being addicted to quilting, I may also have developed a habit for making my own clothes. Lizzy House Natural History Dinosaurs Blue Andover Fabric Pleated Skirt Handmade Medium Face

Exhibit A – this funky dinosaur skirt.

It’s part of the Natural History collection by Lizzy House for Andover Fabrics. My word, these prints are unbelievably cool! Dinosaurs, constellations, stars, gems, butterflies, and whales – definitely unconventional for quilting cotton.

In my mind – the navy blue dinosaurs would be great as a skirt or dress. Because I only ordered two yards, it wasn’t quite enough for a dress.

Then I discovered this tutorial on Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing – to make a gathered skirt WITHOUT a pattern. Seemed perfect!Lizzy House Natural History Dinosaurs Blue Andover Fabric Pleated Skirt Handmade Full TorsoTurned out, it indeed was.

I had JUST ENOUGH fabric to make the skirt – which is calf length. For whatever reason, I just don’t prefer skirts/dresses that show my knees when I’m sitting down.

My front/back pieces measured about 40 inches wide and 30 inches tall. My waistband piece is larger than recommended – about four inches. In hindsight, I think three would have been plenty. I do like how it makes the skirt very high waisted though. Kind of reminds me of period clothing.

Instead of gathering the skirt, I made pleats by making three inch marks from the middle of the panel out. This would out pretty well, but I did have to fudge the outer pleats a tiny bit to have the pleats end with a few inches for seams.

Lizzy House Natural History Dinosaurs Blue Andover Fabric Pleated Skirt Handmade Indoors Full Shot

While the tutorial instructs you to hand sew the back of the waistband to the front of the waistband and skirt, I glue basted the raw edge underneath (inside the skirt) – then topstitched it in place using matching thread.

Despite just getting a new serger, I finished my raw edges using my Janome 7700. I hemmed the two sides where an invisible zipper was inserted, hemmed the bottom, and used French seams on the other side of the skirt.Lizzy House Natural History Dinosaurs Blue Andover Fabric Pleated Skirt Handmade Medium Torso Face

Because the fabric is dark blue, there wasn’t a need for a lining. I am curious to try and line a skirt or dress just to see how it goes. Plus, it would be fun to have a super full skirt. (If you can’t tell, I have a thing for period costumes in movies and TV shows – lots of layers, ornate fabric, crazy details)

This was my first time ever using an invisible zipper – it wasn’t too difficult. I followed the instructions in the package and watched a free Craftsy class called Mastering Zipper Techniques. The video demonstrations were extremely helpful, as I’m a visual learner.

Jennifer Moore Approved Headshot May 2015On another note, James gave me another haircut this weekend and it looks so great! It’s shorter than his first attempt, and he was again able to take some of the bulk from the middle section that no one sees. A girl could definitely get used to having her husband double as her hairstylist.

See you next time!

– Jennifer

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