I saved $114 by cutting my wife’s hair… AND SHE LET ME?!

So my wife needed a haircut…

Neither of us wanted to spend an excessive amount of money for her going to a stylist to achieve the results she desired. Hard fact: if she went to a stylist every three months for a trim – spending $95 plus a 20 percent tip of $19 – that would equal $456 a year. For the six years that we’ve been married she’s spent $2,736 on haircuts alone. Over 30 years that’s $13,680 (including tips) spent on styling. That doesn’t even count for inflation – the price for a quality haircut is likely to rise significantly. Imagine if you put that into a Roth IRA with consistent growth – you’d have a pretty good retirement plan.

Jennifer Moore before haircut front

Jennifer Moore before haircut back

I’ve been cutting my own hair pretty much since we got married, with the exception of me going to Great Clips when I got a coupon on the back of my store receipts.  My wife thought my hair turned out better when I cut it myself as opposed to going to a stylist (ie: Fantastic Sams, Sport Clips, Great Clips, etc.).

Six years later, we’ve been toying with the idea of me cutting *her* hair as she’s been mostly unsatisfied (with the exception of $95+ styles from upscale salons from true professionals) with cuts she has received in the past. In that time period, I listened to her likes and dislikes about her experiences and recently felt confident enough to pull the trigger (after watching a few YouTube videos). Here are a few of the tutorials I watched:

Jennifer Moore Haircut After Front 2

My wife has very coarse hair and her complaint is that it is thick and bulky, and she wants the weight reduced. Unfortunately, very few of the high-end salons understood her request as they were performing textbook cuts for thinner hair. First I followed Sam Villa’s tutorial on removing the weight (see link) with dry hair, and then I proceeded to do a bob haircut with a dart technique for blending (wet hair). Note that I did use professional hair cutting shears purchased from Sally Beauty Supply. These were about $45 on sale and decent quality, but from our experience – are not able to cut coarse dry hair in large sections. For that you would need a heavier weight scissor. It took quite a bit of effort with my wife’s hair to achieve the results in the first link. Most of you reading this would be fine with the scissors I used unless the hair in question is abnormally thick.

Jennifer Moore After Haircut Back

Jennifer Moore After Haircut frontFinished product!  As you can see, the wife is happy with her new hairstyle. She was a satisfied customer because everything turned out very well…

And now for our disclaimer: I have exceptional spatial aptitude in everything that I do. Using the videos listed above, I was confident in my abilities to make an acceptable outcome for this project. It is not recommended that *ANYONE* attempt to cut hair without professional guidance/consultations and/or training. Please note that what we do may not be feasible for the majority of people, and we do not recommend that you attempt to replicate our results. If attempted: *DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK*

Til the next time!

– James

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