Sharpening Knives 🔪 with Whetstone Sharpener by Shine & Sharp

Review + demonstration of the Shine & Sharp Premium Double Sided Whetstone Sharpener – 3000/8000 grit – to sharpen my own Chef’s knife and Japanese Nakiri knife.

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THE ULTIMATE BUNDLE: Enjoy professional and effective sharpening with our double-sided whetstone sharpener. It has #3000 and #8000 grit sides which are the perfect set for both honing and sharpening. This complete bundle includes a knife angle guide to achieve the most accurate sharpening angle, 2 safety silicon bases and a non-slip bamboo base to keep the stone in place while sharpening.

YOUR SAFETY COMES FIRST: Your safety is of great importance to us. Our complete bundle includes the perfect GIFT. A pair of premium quality anti-cut gloves level 5. These cut resistant gloves are very strong and durable and get you much greater safety while handling any sharp blade. They are otherwise sold separately on amazon for $11. What a deal!

EASE OF USE: An included angle guide helps you sharpen your knives on the whetstone sharpener at the right angle. No more will you spend enormous effort sharpening your knives only to realize you were sharpening at the wrong angle. To use our stone, use only water, no extra oil or other lubricants are needed. With this kit you can easily achieve maximum sharpness at no time.

MULTIPLE USES: Our professional grade 3000/8000 grit sharpener is long lasting & highly durable. This perfect combination of grits can be used for ANY kind of blade. a chef knife, sushi knife, pocket knife, hunting knife, razor, sword, scissors, chisels and every dull or blunt blade that you want to make sharper.

NOTE: Shine & Sharp reached out and sent me this product to try out for free – which made this video possible. Of course, my reviews are always 100% honest.

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