Our awesome + funny cat, Gato, jumping, diving, and spiraling all to catch a piece of string in this compilation music video.

Gato Cat is a true enigma. She’s an 8-year-old tortoiseshell cat who, up until a few months ago, was rather sedentary and non-athletic until James gave her… a random neon yellow piece of string about 8 feet long.

It’s all quite amusing to watch, so we shot some footage of the cat playing with the string on our cheap GoPro Hero alternative from Aldi.


All of this video was shot within a 24 hour period – that’s how much the cat LOVES and needs her play time now. (Yes, there is slow motion cat action in here!)

This costs next to nothing to keep our cat entertained forever.

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Gato Cat would occasionally play with toys previously, but not like she does with “the string.”

She went from lazy cat to crazy cat in no time flat!

Now she wants to play in the living room for several hours a day. We toss the string around and she chases it like a big cat hunting down living prey.

Cat has developed some serious muscle tone, and we use the string time as her daily workout routine / cardio.

She has a couple “signature moves” like the gravity-defying air jumps, diving at the string on the ground, the paw swipe, and something we call the Death Roll. That’s when we know she’s winding down for a while.

Gato Cat pretty much ignores all her other toys now…

This is the string Gato Cat uses as her primary cat toy:

Twisted Nylon Mason Line #18 – 275, 550, or 1,100 feet (Florescent Yellow

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