Practical Knife Skills | How to use a Chef’s Knife | How to Cut Onions, Garlic, Potatoes

Learn some practical knife skills…


…as I demonstrate how to use a Chef’s knife to mince garlic, a quick way to dice an onion, slice an onion, a safe way to slice a potato, how to cut your own French fries, and slice mushrooms. So learn the basics, if you have any questions leave them below!
Like videos like this and want a more in-depth how to? Let me know. The key to a good consistent cut is:
1) A sharp knife
2) Repetition.
Be safe! If you don’t feel comfortable with slicing something don’t do it! Fingers don’t grow back!

Some tools to keep your knives sharp!

3 Stone Sharpening System


Sharpening Stone Whetstone Combination Grit, 1000/6000

Friedr. Dick Diamond Cut Sharpening Steel, 10-Inch

Or you could use 1 of these… They remove a lot of steel from the blade but they are effective.

AccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener

Need a new knife? Here are a few that I really like to use. They are durable, easy to sharpen, hold an edge well, and are dishwasher safe!

Daily Chef Cook’s Knives – 2 pk 8″ & 10″ (Also available at Sam’s Club *see price)

Dexter-Russell Sani-Safe- 8″ Knife

Want to see more about knives? Watch my knife comparison video!

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