Grocery Shopping in a Ferrari? Maybe not… | Budget Friendly Grocery Stores

Go on a trip with James to some of his favorite budget friendly grocery stores. If you think that any one store will have the best deals on everything you want to purchase.. 



Not so much. No matter what their commercials say. You should also go out of your way to check out your Mom and Pop grocery stores too. In most cases you’ll be surprised to see the savings you can achieve! Walmart and Amazon may be behemoths but my local bodega puts some of their deals to shame!!! The places that I visited in this episode are budget friendly grocery stores and are definitely Moore Approved!

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This shopping haul included:

4 ea Merlot
5.35 Lbs Chicken, Breasts, Cleaned
2 doz Eggs, Large

2 ea Almond Milk. 1/2 Gal
1 ea Cheddar Cheese Crackers
1 ea Strawberry Preserves
1 ea Raspberry Preserves
10 Lbs Russet Potatoes
1 ea Mini Sandwich Crackers
1 ea Wheat thin Crackers

Carniceria La Mexicana:
780 g Corn Tortillas
10 ea 10″ Flour Tortillas
10 ea 12″ Flour Tortillas
2 ea Ducal Refried Red Beans —Awesome! Trust Me!

The Ducal refried beans were $1.69; Look at the price on Amazon!

Break it Down……..

Total Items Purchased: 20

Total Cost: $51.94

Cost Per Each: $2.597

Estimated Longevity: 1-3 weeks
Percentage Spent $300 (Per Month Budget): 17.3%

Total Expenditures At This Price Per Trip: 5.775

AKA: Lot’s of room for things in your budget… Proteins are one of the most expensive items you will purchase… Other than Alcohol. Eggs are a great source of protein, use them when you can. Shop for deals on every protein you purchase. Supplement amounts of consumed proteins with starches. Be frugal on the fresh produce and use frozen produce whenever you can (if there are no great deals on the fresh) Canned produce has way too much sodium. Use as a last option.

—–That’s why wraps are so highly recommended! Lots of flavor! Cheap to eat! You don’t need to purchase a ton of dedicated proteins… (Rice and Beans ARE a complete protein!)

Let me know what you want to see in the comments!!

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