Roast Your Own Coffee Beans | Make a Great Cup of Coffee

Learn how to roast your own coffee beans and have a great cup of coffee.

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Roasting coffee beans is fairly easy, all you need is a sheet pan, some green coffee beans, an oven or a grill, and 2 large mixing bowls.

Check out some of the stuff I like to use:

Green Unroasted French/Italian Espresso Blend 5Lbs

Green Unroasted Coffee Beans Sumatra 5Lbs

Green Unroasted Coffee Beans Papua New Guinea 5Lbs

Heavy Duty Aluminum Half Sheet Pan(non-coated)

Basic Mr. Coffee IDS57-4 Coffee Grinder, Black —–This is the one I use.

Best Selling Burr Grinder —–This is a fancy one.

Delonghi Espresso Machine

Frothing Pitcher and Die Cast Aluminum Tamper Combo Set, Silver

Stack-able Espresso cups with saucers(White)

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Fresh Roasted Coffee

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