24V Disney Princess Carriage by Dynacraft: Just for Kids?

Whether you’re a three-year-old, or a 30-year-old in need of an eco and budget-friendly transportation solution – look no further!

Jennifer Moore, a young professional in need of reliable transportation for work, tries out the 24V Disney Princess Carriage by Dynacraft as an option.

Can an adult fit into a children’s ride on toy? We’re about to find out! (Stay tuned to the end for a special surprise appearance)

Watch the assembly & first impressions: 

This spacious 2-door pink and purple coach with gold accents can comfortably fit two children, or one petite adult up to 130 lbs.

It can top out at 5 mph for up to 45 minutes of ride time in a single session.

Then you just have to charge it for 12 hours, and you’re ready to go again!

The carriage comes with not one, but TWO tiaras and a magic wand that lights up the front bumper.

Four LED lanterns offer additional lighting for driving at night.

The trunk offers plenty of storage, as well as two dash board compartments for your every day essentials.

When you’re stuck in traffic or somebody cuts you off, no problem – just lay on the horn!

James finds out if you can drink beer and drive in the Disney Princess Carriage:


This toy is available exclusively at Walmart: http://bit.ly/2coNVS5

Made by Dynacraft: http://www.dynacraftwheels.com/24V-Disney-Princess-Carriage

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