Video message from Jennifer and Gato Cat

Over the past several months, I’ve had a blast sharing my sewing, quilting, crafty, and home endeavors with all of you!

So I taped a short message to explain why we started the blog and what sewing/quilting has meant to me personally.

Moore Approved Meet Jennifer Video Gato Cat

For the first time, I share the first quilt I ever made. Plus, Gato Cat also makes a special appearance!

If you enjoy watching – please subscribe to our YouTube channel and we may start posting more video content.

See you next time!


P.S. – A behind the scenes disclosure… I taped this video in my bedroom because the lighting is very bright. The first few takes, the cat was lounging at the end of the bed watching me like a hawk. Gato just didn’t seem to know what was going on, and after about ten minutes she worked up enough bravery to come check it out. She really wanted to lay on the quilt, and kept blocking the camera lens. For most of this little “production” she was on my lap purring.

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