Moore Improvements: Making Our Front Yard Beautiful Through Planting

This is what our house looked like when we first moved in. Not horrible, but rather plain with a few generic shrubs in the front yard’s “garden.”

Moore Approved Home Atlanta Area Traditional Red Brick Front

James has taken on the arduous task of maintaining the yard – watering the grass, mowing, trimming, removing leaves, etc… Out of all the houses on the street, dare I say we have one of the nicest lawns?

But the garden area was looking kind of pathetic, so we decided to do something about it.

We took a trip to Home Depot and loaded up on plants, shrubs, flowers, seven bags of rubber mulch, and other landscaping accoutrements. There’s a great sale going on this week, and quite a few of the plants and shrubs were up to 50 percent off.

Moore Approved Yard Work Landscaping Gardening Supplies Plants Home Depot

Somehow, James also found a reason to get a new leaf blower. His previous model was a Riyobi powered by the standard lithium ion battery. It lasted about three seasons before conking out. This time around, he picked up an Echo backpack gas powered version.

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While we were standing in line to check out, an employee asked us if we wanted to buy an Ames Garden Cart for only FIVE DOLLARS???!!! They had just had a sale on the carts, and it was the only one left. We ended up taking the cart, and it came in handy several moments later when we were trying to fit everything into our car and put some of the plants into it.

The builder of our home made pine straw the standard in each yard, and after almost one year there – it was not holding up well. We removed all of it from the flower bed, planted all of the new additions, watered all of the plants, and started filling in all of the bare spots with mulch.

Moore Approved Front Yard Garden Landscaping Plants Flowers ShrubsWe then realized we didn’t even have half as much mulch as needed, so we took another trip back to Home Depot to buy 10 more bags (17 total!). Rubber mulch is typically made of recycled tires, doesn’t attract bugs, and looks so much better than pine straw.

Including the two trips to the store and all of the yard work, this entire project took about five hours total and cost around $250 (excluding the cost of the leaf blower).

Doesn’t the yard look vastly improved? I can’t wait for the lilies, hydrangeas, and azalea to bloom!

See you next time!

– Jennifer

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