Moore Accomplishments: #KittenMQS2015 package mailed!

Proud to say that I have completed my participation in my first Instagram quilt swap hosted by Frankenstein’s Fabrics! My partner (a fellow quilting fanatic from Texas) received her package earlier in the week, so I am cleared to share this with you.#KittenMQS2015 kitten quilt swap cat wide shot items

In a previous post, I detailed my early progress on my cat mini quilt and how you can find and join online swaps. Most of the quilt uses Utopia by Frances Newcombe for Art Gallery Fabrics, plus the binding in Cool Blues Triangles Reef Glacier by Tim and Beck for Moda Fabrics.

#KittenMQS2015 kitten quilt swap cat wide front quilt solo

My partner listed her favorite color as purple, and said she loves bright colors. Hopefully, this fits the bill! I designed the cat block using half square triangles, squares, and rectangles by sketching it out on graph paper first. The yellow border was a fun addition and breaks up the monotony of the pink/purple color scheme. What I like about the finished quilt is the balance of color tones and mixture of low and high volume prints.#KittenMQS2015 kitten quilt swap cat wide back quilt solo

Corner sleeves were added to the top of the quilt back for hanging.Patchwork Zipper Pouch Opened

Did a little scrap busting to make a zippered pouch to include as an extra.

These adorable “extra” items were all found at Target. The “You Are Purr-Fect” mug is exactly as advertised. I had to restrain myself from purchasing one for myself! Ugh, but I just checked the website and it is no longer available.#KittenMQS2015 kitten quilt swap cat medium shot items

The cat pen was a challenge to track down. I had seen cat and dog pens in a Target ad, but it took several trips to the store to find the cat pens in stock. There always seemed to be dog versions available, but on one lucky occasion I saw *one* cat pen in orange and nabbed it right away. These don’t seem to be on the website anymore either (sorry!).#KittenMQS2015 kitten quilt swap cat medium birds eye view

The sticky notes, glass jar, and set of two little storage containers were all in the awesome Dollar Spot zone near the front of the store. This section is always a great place to score cute gift items at fantastic prices.

Partner – I had loads of fun secretly checking out your Instagram posts to see what you were making and fawn over your adorable children and grandchildren. Hope you like everything in your swap package!

Besides just the swap itself, I had a great time seeing everyone else’s IG posts about the swap using the signature hashtag and have met a ton of awesome people!

See you next time!

– Jennifer

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