Cold brew coffee – no straining required

First off, I will openly admit that this coffee hack comes from James. I liked it so much I wanted to share it with you – it is without question Moore Approved!

I don’t drink coffee a lot, but when I do – I prefer iced coffee. Cold brewing coffee produces a less acidic version of java that tastes smoother because the coffee beans are steeped in room temperature/cold water versus hot water.

Yes, there are other cold brewed coffee DIY’s out there, but the ones I found required dumping ground coffee straight in with the water – then later straining it through a sieve and cheesecloth. The version James came up with is slightly more work initially, but easier toward the end of the process.

Here’s how to do it – it’s super easy and involves using your… Sewing machine.

Cold brew coffee glass container

First – get out a container or pitcher – I found this one at Target for $5.99. It is glass and comes with a fairly sturdy rubber stopper. Keep in mind, it does not seem airtight but will work for keeping coffee in.

Kroger Brand 4 cone coffee filtersYou’ll also need cone-style coffee filters – these are #4 Kroger store brand. They are usually around $2.

cold brew coffee filterScoop about 4 spoonfuls of your favorite coffee into the filter. (You can do more or less depending on preference, but I would recommend at least 4)

Folded coffee filter cold brew coffee

Make sure the coffee is packed into the bottom of the filter, and fold the top ends in like the illustration above.
Folded coffee filter cold brew coffeeFold the top edge in about 1/4 inch and then fold down another 1/2 inch.

Cold brew coffee sewing machineNow it’s time to take the filter packet to your sewing machine. I used a 2.5 length straight stitch and a universal needle. Avoid using too large of a needle so you don’t poke big holes into the paper. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to worry about being precise, as long as you stitch the packet shut well enough that it doesn’t come apart.

Cold brewed coffee filter sewn shut

Here is the packet close up. See? My sewing isn’t super neat…
Cold brewed coffee fridgeDrop the coffee filter packet into the container filled with water, and stick in the refrigerator for at least 8-12 hours. I left mine in overnight and came back to find caffeinated goodness in the morning.

Cold Brewed Coffee full size finishI wouldn’t recommend leaving the filter in for more than 24 hours – be sure to toss it at that point. Not having to separate the liquid from the grounds makes it much easier on the back end!Used cold brewed coffee filterThen you’re left with a container full of cold brewed coffee that tastes great and easy to grab a cup right from the fridge.Cold Brewed Coffee full top view finishSee you next time!

– Jennifer

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