Renovating a brand new home – yes, you read that correctly

Hello everyone who is reading this – we’re James and Jennifer Moore.

Three months ago we bought a newly constructed home in the Atlanta area. We had been looking for fixer uppers for months, but encountered only tear down contenders infested with termites and with extensive mold issues.  Anything that was in decent enough shape to buy seemed overpriced, and we still would have had to spend a lot of money down the road on renovations.  So we found a builder offering basic four bedroom homes and became the first people to move into the neighborhood.  Our plan over the next few years is to turn a “builder basic” house into high-end custom home.  With this route we can focus solely on cosmetics and not have to worry about replacing a new roof or tenting for termites (ie: our last house).

Our new house – built in July 2014

Previously, we lived in Florida and spent four years fixing up a short sale 1950s bungalow that was in dreadful shape when we purchased it in 2009.  It took a lot of hard work, some money, and time – but we ended up selling it for close to double what we paid for it.

Florida Kitchen
Renovated kitchen in our previous house in Florida

We’re very excited for this next phase of our adventure – please join us!  James will also be detailing his hobbies including furniture making and DIY, and Jennifer will be posting about her obsession with sewing and quilting.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

James & Jennifer

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