How To Build An Easy Cloner | 3 Easy Ways To Clone Plants | Cheap DIY Aeroponic Cloner

Learn how to build an easy plant cloning system with 3 different variations. 

The first 2 are aeroponic cloners and the last is a simple hydroponic cloning method. These really are 3 easy ways to clone your plants. The aeroponic methods are much faster than the hydroponic method of cloning, but both are effective for giving you a new viable crop that you can either plant in the soil or grow using hydroponics/aeroponics. Cloning a mature plant allows its clone to be at the same maturity level and be able to produce fruit within as little as 2 weeks after root development. It’s a fast way to to produce more productive plants in a smaller period of time. Links are below! Check em’ out!

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The Links:

Eco 396 Fixed Flow Submersible/Inline Pump 396 GPH

5 pack – 2 inch Net Pots + Cloning Collar Inserts Combo + Micro Sprayers

Hydrofarm HG5G 5-Gallon Black Bucket

Hydrofarm Bucket Lid

Titan Controls 702745 Apollo 12, Day and Night Short Cycle Timer W/ Photocell

Titan Apollo 8, 24hr 15 minute interval timer

30min interval timers are cheaper at your local store.

After your cuttings start to root you can use a mild dilution of compost tea to accelerate the process. Or you can use any liquid based or water soluble fertilizer that you like. Just make sure you don’t overdue it! Less is more!

Botanicare PURE BLEND TEA Organic-Based Compost Solution

The pump I linked to takes 3/4″ threaded adapters (according to the link) or 1/2″ & 3/4″ irrigation hosing. Verify that if you purchase a pump online the threading/hoses you plan to use for the cloning build are the same. I am omitting this portion of the linking as I don’t know which model you are purchasing. My Pump (same one just older) has a 1/2″ threaded output fitting. So I used 1/2″ threaded pvc.

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