How to make an Omelette | Restaurant Quality Omelette | Breakfast Recipes | Brunch Recipes

Learn how to make a quick and easy restaurant quality omelette. All of the ingredients are cooked in one pan which allows you to efficiently take your breakfast or brunch to the next level.

If you’re not comfortable with flipping an omelette don’t fret! Eggs are cheap so you can master the skill very quickly, or you can get one of these wide spatulas to help you out.

A good 8″ non-stick saute pan for omelettes or eggs

This is some of the kitchen stuff James used in this video:

Stainless Steel Portion Cups

X-Chef Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Set With Lids, Measurement Marks, Non-Slip(Set of 5)

18 by 30 by 1/2-Inch Cutting Board, White

11,000 BTU Portable Gas Burner

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3 ea Large Eggs, Lightly Whipped
1 oz Oil or an Oil & Butter Combination
TT Salt and Fresh Cracked Pepper

Optional: Whatever your heart desires aka: Onions, Mushrooms, Peppers, Salsa, Fresh Tomatoes, Cheese, Ham, Bacon, Sausage, Sour Cream… The possibilities are endless.

Cook all raw ingredients first
Start with very small portions of any raw meats, when they are cooked; then add non hazardous foods aka: vegetables etc, when they are cooked add your eggs.
Add Tomato/Tomato based goods and Cheeses to the omelette after it has been flipped, otherwise they will scorch or burn.
After the omelette has been flipped it really only requires 1-2 minutes at a medium to high heat. If you look at the underside of the omelette and it is starting to brown remove it from the heat immediately. A good omelette should not have any color.
Eggs are fully cooked at 145* degrees for at least 15* seconds.
A runny omelette is not fully cooked*. Return a runny omelette back to the heat and cover with a lid or start over.

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