WIP Wednesday: Handmade bags

This week is all about handmade bags for holiday gifts.  After finishing the three quilted totes a co-worker/friend commissioned, James asked if I would help make gifts for some of his family members.

To assist, I offered to make a variety of bags and he could choose which ones he wanted to give.  This afternoon I literally just completed a Noodlehead small Envelope Clutch.  Last month I made the large Envelope Clutch, and I have to say – it’s easier to make the bigger size.  Why?  Because I had a very difficult time fitting the bag into my sewing machine to sew the lining to the exterior, and then topstitching it afterward – even though I took off the onboard sewing table/accessory box.  The small clutch just wasn’t deep enough to fit, so it was a huge struggle.

Noodlehead Envelope Clutch bag pattern

Noodlehead Envelope Clutch bag pattern

Noodlehead Envelope Clutch bag pattern

James wants to sew a backpack for his niece, so I’m going to track down some tutorials.  If you have any suggestions on one that is easy/quick to make – feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks to some Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales I stocked up on some great fabric and Aurifil thread deals online.  Sew Sweetness had a rockin’ 40 percent off sale, and I picked up the Tudor and Aeroplane bag patterns.

Aeroplane bag pattern and Ocean Drift fabric

This weekend, I’m going to attempt the Aeroplane pattern using this Ocean Drift fat quarter bundle and a white zipper.  However – I only have a 22 inch zipper and the pattern calls for a 24 inch zipper so I’m going to try and “extend” the zipper with a long fabric tab, like some zipper pouches use.  If it works out, I may post a tutorial.  Some of these zipper sizes required in bag patterns are hard to come by.

After the holidays are over, I really need to get back to my gray and shades of blue quilt (currently unnamed) because it is a gift with a deadline.

Instagram is becoming my new favorite app on my phone – didn’t realize how addicting it is.  I even placed a fabric order from Faith Love Fabric just on IG.  The owner was holding a Sunday Flash Sale and Priory Square was only $8 a yard.  I kept noticing users posting progress pictures of their swaps, and I was interested in joining one – but all of the swaps seemed to be closed to new participants.  Then I found the perfect first swap – the #kittenmqs2015 run by Frankenstein’s Fabrics. Lucky for me – the deadline is in March so I’ve got plenty of time.  I’m excited to make my first mini quilt – a cat themed one at that!

Today, I am participating in FreshlyPieced.com’s WIP Wednesday!

See you next time!


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