Oh baby – it’s cold outside! Hope you didn’t forget to clean out your gutters

For those of you who aren’t buried under seven feet of snow, you still have a chance to clean out your gutters before the freeze sets in. If you don’t, you may be having to replace your roof in a couple of years.  Dirty gutters wick moisture onto the roof’s sheathing.  This can cause problems, because once that moisture starts freezing – it expands and compromises the structure.

House Leaves Gutters RoofLook familiar?  Enter the cost effective fix, so you only have to do this once.

Roof Gutter Guards

We got these from Home Depot for $1.97 for each three foot section.  Our total cost came out to less than $80. After you clean the gutters and install these, you should never have to balance atop a precarious ladder again!  Installation is quick and easy.  They just snap into place.

Cheap Gutter Guards Roof

I cleaned the gutters and installed the guards as I went. The flat section goes up under the shingles.  The channeled section clips into the lip of the gutter.

Clean Gutter Roof Guards Installed

This is what your gutters will look like when the job is complete.  Take a mental picture, because you’re not going to have to see this anymore

Have fun, and don’t fall off the ladder!



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